Why are Chihuahua’s Angry?


This interpretation will concentrate mainly on the idea of self-focus but will playfully use the Chihuahua dog as an example of self-focus (an illustration).  The Chihuahua dog has a common medical condition called Hypoglycemia and this medical condition causes the dog to shake.  Using the Chihuahua dog’s condition as an illustration, I will compare the dog’s shaking with the dog’s fearful focus on self.  I am not trying to debate or argue any points.  I am being playful with the overall idea simply to create an illustration which our minds can refer to.  I believe science has done a good job researching the Chihuahua dog’s condition; I am simply trying to add some biblical truth in order for us to be informed, and I use the Chihuahua dog’s shaking as an illustration to help us understand our own fears and insecurities.


Scientific Observations


I looked up some information on the Chihuahua and why he has this shaking condition.  The scientific reason is called Hypoglycemia:


This is a central nervous system disorder caused by low sugar. It occurs mainly in Toy breeds between six and twelve weeks of age. Often it is precipitated by stress.  The first signs are those of listlessness and depression. They are followed by muscular weakness, tremors (especially in the facial muscles) and later convulsions, coma and death. The entire sequence is not always seen. The dog may appear to be depressed or may be weak, wobbly and jerky; or the puppy may be found in a coma (Carlson, Giffin).


Notice the veterinarians believe this disorder is partially do to stress or mental rational, not simply limited to the central nervous system.  Notice also the disorder is common among toy breeds or smaller dogs (Ref 1).  This fact will be relevant later on.  To treat this disorder veterinarians suggest that you change the dog’s diet in order to sustain the glucose levels; they believe this should help the disorder.  But even the Veterinarians admit that…


A condition exists in which hypoglycemia is persistent of periodic. It is caused by an enzyme deficiency and is not responsive to treatment (Carlson, Giffin).   


What they are saying is that there is a hypoglycemia that exists that cannot be treated.  This hypoglycemia (shaking) will be recurring and is due to enzyme deficiency, which basically inhibits the body from efficiently digesting food.


I listed the above references to establish a scientific groundwork regarding the Chihuahua’s hypoglycemia disorder.


What the Bible says about Self


This is where the interpretation gets serious.  When we as humans focus on self then a lot of things happen that become detrimental to our health.  The bible puts it this way:


1 John 4:18-19


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.  We love him, because he first loved us.


When we have perfect love then we only focus on others.  This takes all the attention away from us.  When we are not focused on us then by default, we have no fear of what might happen to us.  This is the same reason why people are able to become heroes.  Like a person running into a burning building to save a life.  They are able to do this because, at the time, they are not focused on themselves… they are only focused on the person who is going to die if they don’t act.  The opposite of course would be to focus on self.  If one is focused only on himself then he will become paralyzed by fear and this fear will result in torment.  Self-focus creates fear which shows itself in the torment of anxiety, timidity, apprehension and panic.  Below is the progression of how self-focus will cripple us. 


We focus on self --> We’re now rooted in fear --> We exist in fears torment   


I have explained the gleanings of this verse so I could first apply it to humans and then in relation to the Chihuahua dog’s shaking condition. 


A Chihuahua Dog shakes (illustration) because they are focused on self.


I am going to go a step deeper and explain how when one is fearful, that same person (or dog) will grab hold of anger or pride just to regain control.  When we focus on self we will become fearful.  This fear will then lead to vulnerability.  Once we are vulnerable in our minds we become irritable and this leads to insecurity.  We as humans do not like to be insecure.  For this reason, our first primal instinct (flight or fight) will be to rise up in anger or pride so that within these emotions we can regain the control we have lost through fear (Job 41:15).  That is why I stated earlier that Chihuahua dogs are angry… because they are trying to regain control over their insecurities.  They are insecure because they are fearful and they are fearful because they are focused on self.  Let me explain again.


The Chihuahua is focused on self (he is afraid because he is such a small dog - Ref 1).  Because he is focused on self he is now fearful and exists in fears torment.  This torment then leads to vulnerability, which becomes a threat to the Chihuahua dog’s survival (flight or fight).  This threat of vulnerability then leads to insecurity.  Because of insecurity, the Chihuahua dog will rise up in anger and pride just to feel in control again.


What not to do


Self focus --> Fear --> Torment --> Vulnerability --> Insecurity --> Anger and Pride


What to do


Focus on others --> Perfect Love --> Casts out Fear (1 John 4:18-19)


This interpretation is basic and simple to understand.  The fact is if a human were not to focus on self, then not even a lion would intimidate him.  We are afraid because we focus on self.  Self focus creates fear.  I want to add that God has not called us to try and vainly overcome fears natural response.  Fear is exactly that, natural… so is becoming angry and frustrated.  God does not want us perfect in these areas because He does not expect us to stand up to lions.  God just wants us discerning regarding this wisdom so we can apply it daily to our lives.  For instance, areas in our lives where our extreme self focus eventually causes us to error and sin against our fellow man.  God offers us discernment to combat these areas with knowledge and wisdom, and to combat them faithfully (Hosea 4:6).







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