The Jesus Files


This is a theory I have been working out for quite some time and I believe its concept is based on spiritual truths.The concept deals with faith so the reader must discern between what he or she believes is true or not.In my own life I have found this theory to be very beneficial and I believe it is a train of thought to bring us closer to Jesus.


Sin resides inside of us because we are sinners.The bible says we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord.But where does sin reside and why does it have such strong dominion over us?Once we become Christians we want to live for God, and become vessels of honor.We know that everyday we need to concentrate on walking in the spirit and thus, away from the flesh.When we do this we walk in the power of the spirit and the end result is less daily sin in our lives (Romans 8:13).Even though we will always fall short, that is no excuse to sin.I believe the call of the Christian is a holy call and that Jesus wants us to become our own accusers and crucify our flesh; but how?We must tackle sin.


We each have a conscious and our conscious is where we reside.We live here and this is where we are comfortable.The conscious is conscious of what we do daily.I believe faith steams from our conscious.God is a merciful God and because He loves us He has created another area in our minds called the subconscious.The subconscious is where sin resides.We can consciously sin but once we do, and we do not confess it (see it and accept it for what it really is), it will then reside (and grow) in the subconscious.This is where sin is stored and grows into strongholds.The sins we continuously sin (by hardening our hearts against them) will continue to live and grow in the background (our subconscious) until they become so dominant that the hold they have over our lives will become life altering.Some examples are lust, anger, fear, un-forgiveness, depression and substance abuse.These emotions, when left un-confessed will grow (like a weed) in the subconscious until they dominate our personalities.Since they are in our subconscious, we do not have the stability to rightfully deal with them.God is merciful, and for this reason He has given us a subconscious.Like a little black storage box, to hide our sins from ourselves.This is only until the time comes when we repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior.After this happens, He can slowly begin to open the little black storage box so we can deal with our sin.Before we confess Christ we have no power to deal with our sin so God has mercy and hides it from us, not even showing us our true overwhelming sinfulness.Since we cannot change it, it would be worthless for us to reside in these stronghold areas because it would be emotional torture.If God were to all at once open your entire subconscious and show you all your sins and strongholds, how big they are, how wicked you became and all the disaster you have done to yourself, you would be overwhelmed.God loves us and will hide us from our overwhelming sinfulness, until such time we become responsible, repent, confess Christ as our savior, and become mature enough (spiritual enough) to accept who and what we are, including the things we have done to ourselves.But all of this is for a reason.But what reason you might ask?God wants us to be like his Son.


Jesus was sinless.He was the perfect Lamb of God and I believe the call of the Christian is to become as close to Jesus as humanly possible.Jesus never used his subconscious.Since the subconscious was in part created in us to hide us from our overwhelming sinfulness, then by default Jesus didnít need to use His because He didnít have any sin to hide.Jesus lived in His perfect conscious because He had no little black storage box to deal with.But the meat of the theory is this:Faith resides in our conscious and doubt resides in our subconscious (where sin resides as well).Since Jesus had no subconscious to deal with, then he walked in perfect faith and never doubted.The bible says whatever is not from faith is sin (Romans 14:23).This absolutely means that the opposite of faith would be sin, which is doubt.Doubt lives in the subconscious because that is where sin resides.We do not walk in good faith because we have a subconscious to deal with.So how do we deal with the subconscious? I have prayed to the Lord and His example for me was Job.


Job was righteous because he shunned evil.Job was not sinless but he was considered righteous because of his walk and honesty with God.Job made a covenant with his eyes not to look on a woman lustfully.Job sacrificed even when he didnít have to.Job became his own accuser so he took the devilís power away from him.Job took the devilís power away from him because he was harder on himself then he ever believed the devil could be in accusing him.He examined himself, tried to weigh his own spirit, and took notice of his own sinfulness all in an attempt to become closer to God (1 Corinthians 11:28,31, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Philippians 2:12).The only way to do this is to become honest with yourself (see the light and walk in it), and this is how you defeat your subconscious.Notice Job never confessed wrong even when he was accused by his friends.This is because to confess wrong would have meant lying because, by faith, he believed he had done nothing wrong (John 8:55).Job could not confess wrong when he had done no wrong because he lived in the truth and lying was not a part of who he was anymore.


Jobís own constant self examination brought about an honesty and truth to his own sinfulness (in general).Once he had established this relationship with God, God was able to open Jobís subconscious so he could honestly deal with this entire sinfulness.Over years, and years, and years ((patience) James: 5:11) Job tackled sin after sin after sin until he became more like Jesus.Once Job had become strong enough to test, the fire of hell was unleashed against him, but he glorified in God because he understood his own sinfulness.His faith was a living faith in the God who had transformed his, and the doubt was gone because the subconscious was dealt with.Sin did not have dominion over his life because it had been slowly, painstakingly and patiently rooted out.Strongholds removed (through a process of repentance) after years of honest and patient petitions before God.


Do you want to become like Jesus?Do you want to walk in an incredible, living faith? Do you want to please God?You need to deal with the sin in your life which resides in your subconscious which makes you doubt.The only way to do this is to be honest with yourself (painstakingly honest)Ö and to accept guilt, wrong, and to patiently believe that God wants to cleanse you.I once prayed to God and asked him why people lie so much. I asked the Lord, ďI am sick of people lying to me and not even caring how it affects me, why do they just lie and lie and lie?ĒJesus revealed to me that someone who is not honest with themselves could never fully be honest with all the people around them.We need to understand that we stop ourselves dead in our tracks, as well as our own walk with God, through stubbornness and rebellion in not being honest about who and what we really are.God needs a foundation to build upon.A lot of good soft soil in order to plant seeds.The soil is repentance.The symbolism of the parable of the successful Sower is based upon honest, contrite repentance.The others have no or very little repentance (no loose or broken soil), but the one who has good soil has become broken and contrite through honesty (Luke 8:15).Breaking up the fallow ground (sinful hardened shell) in order to allow roots to grow deep to create a foundation.The subconscious will be subdued and the sin dealt with when we become broken and contrite and decide to face our sins like men (honestly).When we are truly honest (no more games) about our own condition and sinfulness then we allow the Holy Ghost to guide us into the depths of our own subconscious in order to remove our sins by confession and repentance.This in turn will starve out the subconscious (killing the doubt) thus yielding a conscious faith path for us to walk in.When this happens, we will become like Jesus, glorifying God.