Challenged yet Comforted


Purpose and Objective


Bible Interpretations


Challenged yet comforted is derived from 1 Corinthians 14:3 and Acts 9:31.


1 Corinthians 14:3


But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.


Acts 9:31


Then had the churches rest throughout all Judaea and Galilee and Samaria, and were edified; and walking in the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, were multiplied.


To edify is to speak the truth with the right kind of witness (Ephesians 4:16), to exhort is to warn or to admonish urgently.  When I combined the words edify and exhort I got challenged.  The other word is comfort; thus my title Challenged yet Comforted.


The first thing you will notice about these interpretations is I don’t teach much.  This is on purpose.  My goal is not to teach in these interpretations, my goal is to reveal and at most expound on what God has revealed through His Bible and then arrange an interpretation that is both easy and challenging to read.  Revelations from God interpreted edify the church and are His prophetic word to us (Acts 10).  Although what I have written are indeed interpretations of the Bible, they are not teachings.  They are prophetic interpretations of the scriptures.  In other words, a teacher grabs a Bible, interprets, and then teaches.  I grab a Bible, interpret, and then prophesy.  It is the same method but just utilizing different gifts.  I have the prophetic gifts to:


1. Abide in the mystery of Christ (Colossians 4:3).

2. Receive revelation from God (Romans 16:25).

3. Interpret and expound on revelation (Ephesians 3:4).

4. Edify, exhort and comfort the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:3).


What I have done with these interpretations has been easier because I haven’t had to do the first two, to abide in the mystery of Christ and then receive revelation from God.  God spoke to me directly from His already revealed Word (The Bible).  As a result, all I had to do was interpret and expound on the Bible’s revelation (because the Bible’s revelation satisfied the first two steps), and then mercifully exhort, edify and comfort the body of Christ with an arranged interpretation. 


So this is what I did:



3. Interpret and expound on the revelation from the Bible.

4. Edify, exhort and comfort the body of Christ.


The Bible’s revelation satisfied the first two steps already, so I utilized steps 3 and 4 on the Bible’s already revealed Word and got my prophetic interpretations.


Just for edification and clarification, you will notice occasionally that some interpretations are not so much based on the Bible’s revelation, although they are backed by the Bible.  These interpretations are based on revelation I received as I abode in the mystery of Christ.  For this reason, they should not be called prophetic interpretations of the Bible; they should be called prophecy for the church.  I don’t have a specific section or volume where I place these interpretations so you will occasionally see these interpretations scattered throughout the volumes.  You will notice them.  They focus less on interpretation of the scriptures and more on prophetic utterances for the church today.  The reason I haven’t created a specific volume for these prophecies is because much of the work I do is seasonal based on a certain push and focus from God.  Whether I am in the Bible during this push or abiding in the mystery of Christ, I believe the word the Lord wants to speak during these seasons should be contained in a timeline.  I believe this allows the reader to receive the spirit of the messages as well as the prophecies in conjunction.  This website is called, Challenged yet Comforted, based on the prophetic word.  Some of the prophecies are interpretations of the Bible and others are revelations backed by the Bible but not necessarily originating from the Bible.  These revelations originated from my ministry of abiding in the mystery of Christ, receiving revelation, expounding and interpreting (working out knowledge) within the revelation and then presenting a word to exhort, edify and comfort the body of Christ. 


If you don’t believe revelation from God needs to be interpreted then quickly explain for me the entire book of Revelation.  Not so easy.  The Book of Revelation is pure revelation straight from heaven just as the Lord’s vision is to Peter in Acts 10:9-17.  And as we know, the vision wasn’t speaking about eating unclean food it was speaking about God’s desire for the gentiles to be saved.  Therefore, the revelation still needed to be interpreted by Peter for the future edification of the church (Acts 10:28).       


As of June 2010, all 42 interpretations listed on this website have undergone a rewrite.  I began my notes for these interpretation back in 1999.  I completed the first volume in 2003.  The second in 2004 and 2005.  And the third in 2008.  None of the interpretations have changed, but I have added much knowledge to the already existing interpretations.  The interpretations are now sturdier, and I have reinforced the interpretations and the website as a whole.  I wanted to take what was written and make it cleaner.  I wanted to make these interpretations speak for themselves… so I wouldn’t need to back up my work via answering too many questions.  After the 2010 rewrite, I believe many of these interpretations can stand alone.         


YouTube Videos


My YouTube Channel


I stopped writing Bible Interpretations in 2008 at the Lord’s leading.  This was strange because I had plenty of content.  Little did I know 3 years later the Lord would call me to take that content and make 126 YouTube videos.  I did the videos from July 2011 to September 2013.  The video topics are much like my written interpretations but in speaking format.  I have made 2 videos since then but these videos only loosely apply to my ministry.  I will explain in the next section.


Novels: Sally and Sally Captivity


Sally was finished in 2005 and self-published in 2007.  It is a 428 page fiction novel about a woman prophetess.  You can read it for free at or you can support my ministry and purchase it here.  The work is copyrighted.


Sally Captivity was finished January 2013 and self-published on April 3rd 2013.  It is the sequel to the first novel and is 257 pages long.  You can read it for free at or you can support my ministry and purchase it here.  The work is copyrighted.


Both are fiction novels but there is a twist.  The two main characters in both novels are prophets.  Therefore, both novels contain prophecy for the Church.


Sally Captivity – A Burdensome Work of Obedience


Following my timeline it was 8 years from the time I finished my first novel to the time I began my second.  I must testify of this variance and why.  Please read carefully because the why of writing Sally Captivity is just as important as the writing of it.


The Lord came upon me suddenly about November 2012 and told me I was to write the second book.  I was against writing the book and so was my wife.  The thing is, my wife had just gotten full-time work.  I was working part-time and the Lord told me the job was over, they would no longer call me for work.  I told the Lord I would talk with my wife when she got home and if she said yes, I would do it.  Long story short, my wife came home and I told her the Lord said my job was over and I needed to write the second Sally book.  My wife, almost remotely, turned to me and said, “Obey God and write the book.  I am working now and the Lord will provide for the rest.”  I never heard back from my job again.


Out of obedience I wrote the book knowing three things which God spoke to me. 


1.      I must write the book now.

2.    I must copyright it.

3.    I must place it for free on my website.


I finished writing the book late January 2013.  The important part for people to understand is I didn’t know why it was so important that people read the book now.  “Why, O Lord…” I said, “…did I need to write the book now!?!?”  The book contained revelation on the end times but we were far away from that.  Plus, I considered end times revelation as mostly, “Candy Knowledge.”  Candy knowledge is my definition for stuff people like to chew on and consider but it’s really not edifying for the Christian walk.  Just like you’d suck on candy instead of eating a full healthy meal.  I always considered this revelation “Candy Knowledge” so I really didn’t see the need of expounding on it.  Then, the Holy Spirit came upon me a second time.  I had finished writing the novel but was still performing my final edit sometime in February 2013. 


This is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “You lack clarity as to why you wrote this book but you obeyed me nonetheless.  I am pleased.  I ordered you to write this book as both a standard toward the truth as well as a standard against the deceivers and their deceptions that are already at work.  You are extremely qualified to see these deceivers and their snares but my sheep are not.  This is why I ordered you to write the book now.  To bring clarity to my sheep during these end time deceptions.  The second reason will both confound you but also bring clarity.  The Matthew 24 deceivers are here.  They are awaiting revelation so they can use that revelation to ensnare my people and convince my sheep they are real ministers.  Your book will be that revelation and is why I ordered you to write it immediately and protect it via copyright.  I also ordered you to give it away for free.  My sheep will search and will see you published/copyrighted first.  This will be all the convincing they’ll need once they receive the power of the revelation in your book.  They will receive you as my messenger of this revelation and the deceivers will be exposed as both liars and hypocrites.  The goats won’t care for the truth, not at all; for they claim my Name yet they work according to their own lusts and desires.  For this reason, I will give them deceivers to follow so they will become ensnared.  They shall reap what they have sown. 


“These deceivers seek to make a name off my Name.  Their hearts are not right and their ways are wicked and rebellious.  I ordered you to write the revelation down and to make it plain, and you have obeyed me in everything.  You have not added or subtracted from my guidance and direction.  Your work is powerful and clean and will become a plumbline which will steady my sheep during this end time, as long as they stay base, as you have stayed base.  You will know who these deceivers are.  They will take the revelation in your book, put their name on it and leaven it.  Many will seek to leaven it toward the technical and you will know them by this leaven.  They will not focus on a spiritual perspective toward this revelation.  They’ll make it all about the technical and thus attempt to ensnare my people with great swelling words and vanity of mind.  You have done well in your obedience.  Because you have obeyed me, my sheep will be prepared for these deceptions.”

I then understood why I wrote the book.  It wasn’t just for knowledge during the end times.  It was also a powerful deterrent to stand against all the false prophets and deceivers who would rise up and attempt to ensnare God’s people in this end times (Matthew 24:4,11,24 - Mark 13:5-6 – Luke 21:8).  I honestly could not believe it when God showed it to me.  I was so focused on sanctification and discipleship for God’s people I didn’t focus on the many false deceivers who were trying to deceive God’s people.  I must confess in my ministry I try to focus on what God shows me.  Until God made this plain for me to see I simply didn’t focus on it.  But his Word and burden is real.  All this is happening as God showed me.




After I published in April 2013 I thought on God’s words and wondered when these deceivers would appear and steal the work I did.  During this time I also sent my work to many people via email and YouTube in order to spread the word.  I thought for sure since I had struggled so long with the revelation that God would use me before these deceivers would fulfill God’s prophecy and steal my work.  Boy was I wrong.


About three months after I published Sally Captivity, I noticed a person I sent my work to was plagiarizing one of my YouTube videos.  After a few weeks the Lord revealed to me this individual planned on stealing a majority of my work including the work in Sally Captivity.  The Lord made it clear at this time this person was a Matthew 24 deceiver, the first to fulfill God’s prophecy.  I prayed earnestly that God would stop this dishonesty.  The Lord reminded me of his prophecy and even gave me a dream showing me it was his will to allow this to happen.  This upset me horribly.  I had done all this work and suffered for righteousness for 20 years and now God was going to sit back and allow some fake person to steal all my hard work including His revelation for his church.  I was furious!  Even to this day (a year and a half later) I am still upset.  I thought for sure God would use me regarding this revelation and then afterward allow these deceivers to have their way with it.  In my eyes the revelation was being defiled because someone else was preaching it long before I had the chance to go on radio or some other avenue to spread the word.  It didn’t matter that I had published first because someone else was going to defile it.  The Lord then gave me a second dream and this dream gave me some peace.  In the dream the Lord showed me again that because I published/copyrighted first, nothing else mattered.  Within my emotions I thought other things mattered but God showed me they didn’t.  Again, I had peace.


The man who stole my work is Gonzo Shimura.  Gonzo Shimura is a plagiarist, liar and deceiver.  He actually contacted me, after I publically accused him of plagiarism, and he admitted to reading my novel Sally Captivity even stating my work was brilliant.  He then tried to play nice and asked me to be in his documentary, Age of Deceit 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image.  The problem is I don’t compromise.  When he saw I wouldn’t compromise he cut ties with me and decided to steal my work instead.  After he published he lied to the public and said I was falsely accusing him and he acted as though we had never met.  To this day he has never publically admitted to knowing me or reading my novel.  This fact right here should let you know exactly what kind of person Gonzo Shimura is.  He has no problems hiding the truth and using misinformation tactics to conceal it.  And this is the guy who is going to uncover deception for the church.  The only thing Gonzo Shimura knows about deception is he lives in it.  


Just for the record.  I never told Gonzo Shimura about the dreams or the prophecy because I knew he was dead set on stealing my work.  There is no talking to someone like him.  You must avoid these deceivers.  God is going to allow them to become strong and if you yoke yourselves to them and their ministry you will become a partaker of their sins.  These men are raised up to deceive the church and God is allowing this so make sure you have nothing to do with them.


Lastly, please consider all the Lord has allowed me to endure.  After 18 years of struggling for the gospel, writing and edifying God’s church, all for no money and working full-time/part-time jobs all the way through.  God then knocks on my heart and orders me to write a book for free.  I obey.  God then shows me deceivers will steal it and I must accept it.  Then it happens.  Someone steals all my hard work and all I can do is sit back and watch.  After 20 years of praying, fasting, obeying, suffering for righteousness, no financial support, no emotional support, really no support of any kind.  God allows all my hard work to be taken just like that!  Put yourself in my shoes.  All I have to show for all the work I have done IS the work itself.  No money.  No abundant ministry.  Nothing.  Just the work is what I have.  Then, God allows that work to be taken from me and someone else puts their name on it and publishes it toward the masses.


Please consider the injustices God allows in the life of a believer who is both called and sanctified for service.  You better be very sober about how our Holy God works during these end times.  Make no mistake about it, whichever poor sap happened to publish this revelation was going to be cheated and wronged!  It just happened to be me.  These deceivers covet this revelation for themselves and they’ll stop at nothing.  They’ll even wrong God’s people in order to obtain it.  Just to clarify regarding deceivers in the church.  These are not always wolves in sheep’s clothing who do everything knowingly.  Some are born again but have made the wicked choice to walk in the flesh and ignore the Spirit and have thus ended up in a deceived state.  Obviously, this eventually leads to perdition.  Some of these men think they’re justified because they are born again.  They are not.  Because they walk in the flesh they feed the flesh and not the Spirit.  The Bible warns heavily against this.  They are under self-condemnation just like the devil (1 Timothy 3:6, John 3:19).  Eventually, God gives these deceivers fully into the devil’s hands (Luke 13:6-9)(or fully into their own minds/flesh – Romans 1:28) and then Satan has the permission to use their minds/flesh wickedly against the church.  These deceivers are horribly dangerous, even beyond the wolves, because they actually think they are doing God a service.  These are those talked about in the Bible who are deceived and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13).  They are unaware they are deceived but because they have not obeyed the bible but rather have exalted themselves, they become wrecking balls within the church which God permits.  If you don’t believe me come talk to me.  I’ll tell you the story of the guy who ripped off my life’s work and exalted himself within it.  He’s still in the church today, preaching it.  He goes unpunished.  God is not going to stop these deceivers.  He is going to allow them as a judgment on the goats within the church who say they love God but do wickedly.  These deceivers are a judgment upon the goats but are also a test for the true sheep of God.   


Click here and here for my YouTube series on deceivers.

Click here and here for my YouTube series on their pernicious ways which God allows within the Church.


For a biblical example of what I endured please read 2 Samuel 12:1-12.  This example is not an exact comparison of how I was wronged but this is the example the Lord gave me after hours of prayer and meditation.  Therefore, the comparison is justified. 









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